In Memory of Todd

A few years ago I hired Todd to work in a childcare program I supervised.
He was a great, energetic guy, but shortly after hiring him I began to work part time in the childcare and part time in another program, so I didn’t get a chance to really know him.
At the good bye dinner we had for the staff members who were leaving, Todd and I sat together and had a blast making each other laugh, talking about obscure tv shows we both liked, and I said “How come I never knew you were funny?” He said “Back at you!” and that was that. We went our separate ways until the advent (in my life, anyways) of Facebook and Twitter where we reconnected. 
I had so much fun going back and forth with him on Twitter, with sarcastic replies to his less…enlightened…tweets and a few times we had great conversations online. 
One thing that always stood out for me was the energy he gave to enjoying his life. Facebook posts were frequently – Heading to Portland, Heading to Vic, Off on the motorcycle, Doing my first stand up gig, – and all accompanied by so many great pics of him having a blast with so many different people (and, of course, beer).
I’m 15 years older than Todd, and his posts frequently exhausted me just in the reading.
But this past long weekend, Todd died.
As his dad, Damon, so eloquently (and tear inducingly) posted: Todd wanted to die quickly, doing something he loved, with someone he loved. And he did just that. He was coming back from a motorcycle trip with his dad to Whistler and was hit by a car on the Lion’s Gate Bridge and died almost immediately, in his dad’s arms.
Now, I deal with death frequently in my job at a seniors home, but Todd’s death hit me pretty hard and I’ve been trying to figure out why. I didn’t see him all time (hadn’t seen him in years), didn’t even really “know” him aside from his on-line presence and a brief acquaintance, but hit me hard it has.
I read all the posts on the FB page in his memory and think of how proud his dad must be that his son touched so many lives, how lucky his friends were to have spent such great and quality time with him, and what a loss his death is for both. 
But more than that, I think – that’s how I want to live my life.
I want to enjoy every minute, I want to laugh a lot, I want to have spontaneous fun and be up for anything, I want my friends to know they can count on me and that I will always listen, and possibly I want to drink more beer. When I die I want there to be a million pictures for my friends to post of me being crazy, or having fun, or laughing, or just making memories. 
And really, that’s the most important thing. To make memories.
And at that, Todd was a rock star.


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  1. Heather McPherson

    I’m sorry for the loss of your friend. He sounds like an amazing person!

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