There was an unfortunate incident with the squash.

Confession: I do not particularly enjoy the cooked vegetable. With the notable exceptions of corn on the cob, and sauted mushrooms on a steak, I prefer my veggies raw. So imagine the confusion with which I looked over my enthusiastically planted garden last year, only to discover that I had planted parsnips! and Fava beans! What the heck was I THINKING! And even the To-Be-Eaten-Raw stuff was so badly timed – can ANYONE eat 15 heads of lettuce ripe at the same time? Anyone at all??

So when it came time to plan and plant this years garden, I vowed to do it better. Well, “vowed” is a bit strong. Let me rephrase. It crossed my mind that I should plan it better.


And one cooked vegetable that I do quite enjoy is squash. Went through my seeds, found some spaghetti squash ones (have you tried them with spaghetti sauce?? Very yummy!) and started 4 wee little seedlings in my window.

After they got their baby leaves and were ready to go outside into a raised bed I had saved for them, I consulted a gardening book about spacing. Uh – What?? 3 square meters PER PLANT??? Well, THAT’s just dumb. Obviously these little, teenie, baby plants are the exception to whatever dumb climate that book was written in (note – a few miles from *my* climate)! I went outside and consulted the raised bed – at 8′ by 4′ that would be the whole 3 square metres, no?

Again – SCOFF!!!

This bed will EASILY fit my 4 little, teenie, baby plants.

Surely I, being, after all, a Second Year Gardener, know more than the author of that (probably old and outdated) book.

I put one plant in each corner of the bed. As so:



See how much space there is?? Do you SEE how that book was wrong? Or, if not “wrong”, at least, misguided??

Aaaaand here we have today’s pic – 11 weeks later:

Oh My Gosh!!! You can’t even see the raised bed!

I am going to be the Freaking Crazy Squash Lady!! There are at LEAST 80 baby squash growing in there. The vines have taken over the box and everything near it, and grow more every day.


Lesson learned today:


And now I am off to look up squash recipes…

And if you find a squash on your doorstep in the next month or so, you’re welcome!



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