To Mom, on her birthday

Because you believed

You believed in anything, the impossible

You believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, when I didn’t know how, and then when I knew how but couldn’t

When all I could see was the now, or the then, or the tomorrow, you saw the whole

You dreamed for me, with me, and possibly through me

You hoped for the best, loved through the worst, and prayed during both

You loved me when I cried the first time, and when I cry still

And thru the rivers of tears in between

And you shed your own; for me, because of me, with me

You taught me to aim for the stars, the moon, the sky.

Sometimes I did, and those successes were because of you

My failures remain my own – they exist to teach me, to grow me, to strengthen me

To become the woman you believed I could be.

I love you,



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